Westleaf Labs, one of the best-known cannabis retailers in Canada, made a huge agreement with Delta 9 last summer.

Delta 9 is a California-based cannabis company that is known for its completely pure and natural products. The two companies working together should have a fruitful conclusion.

In the agreement, Westleaf Labs will give Delta 9 $4 million worth of white-labelled cannabis products to label.

The products will then be sold in Westleaf retail locations across Canada. A white-labelled product is a product that has been manufactured by one company, in this case, Westleaf, but then labelled by another company, such as Delta 9. That means the product will still have Delta 9’s well-known name on it, even though it was produced by Westleaf.

The agreement is only good for one year as both companies will see if the results are positive and if the collaboration is really a good fit. If it does seem to be effective, the deal could easily grow to $16 million each year as the demand continues to increase.

As of now, both companies will be watching the consumer demand and experiences, allowing them to hone in better on which products are working out under their agreement.

~ Source: Westleaf inks white labeling deal to supply Delta 9 with about $4 million in cannabis derivative products in first year

  Posted: Tuesday, October 8th, 12:00pm 2 months ago


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