In August 2019, Choom Holdings made an announcement that they would be expanding into the Yukon. Choom is a cannabis company that works with the largest national retail networks in Canada. Their move further west was solidified through a purchase agreement with a cannabis retailer named Ninetails, located in Whitehorse.

Ninetails has a prime location in Whitehorse, situated right downtown at 204 Main Street. While the acquisition has already been approved by the Yukon Liquor Corporation, the retailer is not yet open to new business. Choom is rebranding the store through an expensive remodel, so it is presently shut down. Once renovations are complete, the store will reopen as a Choom-branded retailer.

Chris Bogart, the former President and CEO of Choom Holdings, is excited about the expansion and furthering the reach of Choom. Bogart expressed that the Yukon is an “underserved cannabis market,” so the citizens there are not yet able to receive all of the cannabis options available in other provinces.

Choom retailers are known for their variety, the sophisticated style of their storefronts, as well as their knowledgeable and helpful staff. The expansion of Choom has now been taken over by the new company President, Corey Gillon.

~ Source: Choom to Acquire Ninetails Cannabis in Whitehorse, Yukon

  Posted: Tuesday, October 1st, 12:00pm 2 months ago


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