The Canadian cannabis industry was dealt quite a shock in July 2019 when Bruce Linton, the co-founder of Canopy Growth, was fired by the company. Linton blamed the termination on Constellation Brands since they acquired a large shareholder portion of the company. Finding a new job was not going to be easy for Linton. He had a non-compete clause in his work contract, which means that he cannot work for another Canadian cannabis company ever again. However, the non-compete does not apply to American companies.

Linton found new purpose by taking on positions at three American cannabis companies. Linton is now a senior adviser for Gage Cannabis USA, which is a dispensary chain; Better Choice Co., which makes pet food with CBD; and Mind Medicine, which is a psychedelic provider. Having positions across more than one company makes him more valuable than ever, as he takes his knowledge across industries.

Beyond spreading himself between three companies, he has also been doing some investment work. Slang Worldwide and DNA Genetics are cannabis companies that have working relationships with Canopy Growth—the very company he was fired from. Linton claims that while he cannot work with other Canadian cannabis companies, there is nothing stopping him from helping them financially.

For Linton’s part, he sees the changes all with a positive light. He no longer has to be ready to work every minute of the day and, instead, can sit back and offer help or input when he’s needed.

The cannabis industry is in a bit of chaos at the moment, so Linton might be right. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada and concerns over vaping in the United States, it would be challenging to be a cannabis CEO right now. Instead, Linton has found new purpose and direction for his life.

~ Source: Bruce Linton's next act: Pot shops, pets and psychedelics

  Posted: Thursday, October 24th, 12:00pm a month ago


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