While the legalization of marijuana has made it available for most people to buy, the industry is not all smooth sailing. It was announced in September 2019, that Evergreen Medicinal Supply was suspended by federal regulators.

Evergreen is a British Columbia-based cannabis producer. It grew and sold cannabis. That is, until the suspension. The suspension was caused by an inspection performed in April of 2019. The inspection found that Evergreen had not been compliant with the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations, specifically by failing to prevent products from heading to the illegal market.

Health Canada has been cracking down on the enforcement of the Cannabis Regulations. In fact, earlier in 2019, they suspended the licence of Bonify Holdings Corp., a Winnipeg cannabis producer. That company was selling marijuana that had not been legally obtained.

As far as Evergreen goes, they are not allowed to cultivate, process, or sell any fresh or dried cannabis. The company must make corrections to the operation before the company can reopen for business. The company will want to reopen as quickly as possible since they work in a 5,700 square-foot facility that was going to expand to a 150,000 square-foot space. Once Evergreen has made corrections and proven that they are doing what they need to, the suspension can be lifted.

~ Source: B.C. pot firm Evergreen Medicinal’s licence suspended by Health Canada

  Posted: Thursday, November 7th, 1:00pm a month ago


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