While Paraguay legalized medical cannabis in December 2007, there have not been any business opportunities for production within the country. That changed, finally, in August 2018 when the government looked at how the law should be implemented to get to the point of domestic production.

Business Applications

Recently, Paraguay opened up the application process for businesses that would like to have a production licence for cannabis within the country. Previously, all cannabis had to be imported and was not able to be grown domestically. The new resolution from 2019 established the guidelines that businesses will need to follow in order to obtain a production licence.


Beyond having businesses produce commercial cannabis, in a separate move, the Paraguay Senate approved a bill to let citizens grow their own medical marijuana. This is a great option for many who would prefer to save money and grow cannabis at their own pace.

The Decree

Part of the decree from August 2018 included a required 2 percent donation of all cannabis production to the Paraguayan Ministry of Health. The purpose of this is so the ministry can distribute cannabis at no cost to citizens who cannot afford it. It will need to be verified that a person needs cannabis before the medical marijuana can be given out.

Going Forward

The licences for commercial production should be granted sometime in December 2019. This should make accessibility to the substance easier than when importing it. Importing is costly and difficult to get approved. These new measures will make it much easier to access and to bring relief to those who need it for pain management. The government has stated that medical marijuana is not the same as recreational marijuana. The use of marijuana is only allowed to those approved who need it for a scientific reason.

~Source: Paraguay to open application process for medical cannabis production licenses in October

  Posted: Monday, November 18th, 1:00pm 18 days ago


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