Cannabis Industry

As Canada continues to trailblaze as the only G20 economy to legalize cannabis, the potential profits from this endeavour are still being realized. To help navigate this new territory, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has created the National Cannabis Working Group.

The Working Group

The National Cannabis Working Group is in place to advocate and to develop public policies surrounding the cannabis industry within Canada. They will work to improve the growth as well as the market competitiveness of the industry while still working to reach both health and safety goals.

Open to members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the National Cannabis Working Group will consist of ancillary sections, including financial services, construction, transportation, and legal services. This is to help with every aspect of the industry.

Advocating for Better Policies

The primary purpose of the group will be to bring together companies from across the entire industry to discuss what changes can be made to improve cannabis. Part of the goal is also about getting professionals together to share information that other parties might be able to use but do not know.

The group will only be working with properly licensed producers and retailers, keeping the policy questions related to those who would follow it. Regardless, underrepresented parties within the cannabis industry may also take part in the conversation, as long as they are members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As long as the working group helps the industry, it will be doing its job.

~Source: [ Canadian Chamber of Commerce launches National Cannabis Working Group to support sector’s global aspirations]

  Posted: Tuesday, November 26th, 1:00pm 3 months ago


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