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Matt Zablonski didn’t know that he would be leading the charge in the legalization of cannabis in Canada, but that is exactly what happened.

While he is now a civil servant for Calgary, Zablonski used to work as a carpenter. This drastic career change has allowed him to be the catalyst for Calgary’s place as the cannabis capital of Canada.

His Role

Zablonski’s position in the legalization of cannabis in Canada took hold after Justin Trudeau promised to legalize recreational cannabis during his run to be prime minister. Zablonski realized that under Trudeau's leadership, legalization was a real possibility for the first time.

After that, the leader of the federal task force on cannabis, Anne McLellan, released a report in December 2016. It seemed like the wheels for legalization were already in motion. Zablonksi realized what he had to do next.


As he realized that legalization was no longer a pipe dream, Zablonski began his prep work. In early 2017, Zablonksi had a representative from Colorado come and help guide them through the steps that were taken in Colorado during the transition period to legalization. Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2013 and has really lead the way in how society can adjust to the legalization process.

Because of this due diligence, once cannabis was officially legalized, Zablonski and his team already had a plan of action. Not only was Zablonski proactive in preparing Calgary for legalization, but he did his homework, making him knowledgeable about the industry. For these reasons, Calgary has been the most successful city in the rollout of the legalization of cannabis in Canada. If only other cities throughout Canada had had as much forethought as Zablonski, the legalization process might have gone a little bit faster and smoother.

~Source: This is the guy who made Calgary the cannabis capital of Canada

  Posted: Thursday, November 28th, 1:00pm 3 months ago


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