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Recently, Auxly Cannabis Group entered into an agreement with the majority of Canadian provinces to begin the process of selling extracts, edibles, and topical cannabis products. Starting December 16, 2019, Auxly was able to sell cannabis 2.0 products wherever they can be legally sold.

All in all, there are 83 derivative cannabis products that will finally be put on the market. Auxly had announced in October 2019 that they had the new products but were not yet able to put them out into the world for purchase. Auxly has stated that these products will be the highest quality as well as the best-tasting cannabis edibles in the entire world.

The CEO of Auxly, Hugo Alves, has said that the company has been working on the new products for more than 20 months. Their developmental process has been thoughtful and done from the point of the consumer, ensuring that the end product will be better than anything else on the market.

In addition to the consumable products, Auxly also has branded vape products. Like their edibles, the vapes have been constructed with high-quality materials using processes that are specific to Auxly. The company has gone beyond the required safety standard, to create a vape that is safe enough for use.

While the cannabis 2.0 products will be hitting the shelves shortly, there are more to come in 2020, including capsules, lozenges, and tablets, all using Auxly’s unique and careful design and formula.

~ Source: Auxly Clears Key Milestones for Phase Two Cannabis Product Sales: Agreements in Place and Listings Secured for Derivative Product Sales Across Canada Beginning December 16

  Posted: Tuesday, January 28th, 1:00pm a month ago


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