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In Kitchener, Ontario, Supreme Cannabis has introduced a facility that is dedicated to manufacturing, processing, and packaging cannabis products. The Kitchener Facility is a 107,000-square-foot facility that has all of the structural features the company needs for processing, packaging, and shipping.

The Kitchener Facility was already in place and is being leased by Supreme Cannabis. The facility itself will need to be retrofitted and properly licensed before it can get up and running. The first phase of construction has been completed already. The company is also waiting on its licence from Health Canada that permits the company to manufacture and package the products at the Kitchener Facility.

Once all of the licensing is in place and the adjustments to the building have been properly made, the company is predicting that it will be able to do whole flower packaging and pre-roll manufacturing, something that most cannabis users really appreciate.

The company has already acquired additional operating licences that will help them to get their cannabis 2.0 products up and running. In addition to the Kitchener Facility, the company also has the Blissco and Scarborough Facilities, both of which have been set up with pharmaceutical manufacturing to meet all of the GMP compliance standards.

The company received its cannabis 2.0 licence in October 2019. Supreme Cannabis also finished its construction of a 12,000-square-foot facility in Langley, British Columbia. This facility is more commonly known as Blissco. The company plans on using a new ethanol-based extraction during production as well.

It is expected that the company will be able to produce seven million tincture bottles each year through the use of its newest facility as well as its existing facilities, once it really gets up and going, even with the rising concern of vape technology.

~Source: Supreme Cannabis Expands CPG Manufacturing Capacity and Provides Operational Update

  Posted: Tuesday, January 14th, 1:00pm a month ago


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