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As the rumours and reports about the negative side effects of vaping plague the United States at the moment, a strew of new vaping devices is about to hit the shelves of the Canadian cannabis industry. What this means is that increasing health concerns, higher taxes, and other concerns might be in the future for the Canadian cannabis industry. Nonetheless, even with an array of warnings and education, there does not seem to be a big enough deterrent to stop Canadians from either using these cannabis products or producing them the way they like.

In fact, many cannabis companies continue to apply for the licences required to make or sell vaping products. The supply and demand of these products for the cannabis industry might have a chance to work itself out, with both sides disregarding the health concerns.

In the United States, there have been reports that 47 people so far have died from using vaping products and 2,000 others are suffering from chronic illnesses related to the use of vaping products. The vapes themselves seem to have been black market vapes that contained an acetate coating that would fill your lungs and coat them.

The industry believes that there might be some hesitation from Canadian consumers given the negative reporting on these products, but also that the risk factors are really not the same with Canadian vapes. There are fewer additives used in Canada, which removes the chemical concern that might be on the minds of many. The analysts think that there will be fewer health impacts on people once the vapes have been used, proving that they are not as dangerous as the vapes being sold on the other side of the border. Quebec opted out of selling vaping-related products, however, proving that the concern does have some merit to consider.

~Source: Canadian pot producers going full bore on vaping despite health risks, competition

  Posted: Thursday, January 23rd, 1:00pm a month ago


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