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Aleafia Health recently launched an international white label production service, which has just completed its first production. The cannabis oils that were produced by the company were sent to Melbourne, Australia to leverage their new medical brand Circle.

Prior to this transaction, all of the import permits that were needed to send their cannabis oils to Australia had been approved by the Australian Department of Health. And following the receipt of Health Canada export permits, the shipment was good to go. Aleafia Health will be working with Montu Group, which is a leading medical cannabis company that works on products in Europe and Asia.

Aleafia Health is increasing its presence in Australia as well, so the release of the white label will only further increase the company’s relationship with the country. Aleafia Health has three product and cultivation facilities, and has a diverse portfolio of high-margin derivative products, such as sprays, oil, and capsules. It operates the biggest national network of medical cannabis clinics and education centres as well.

Medical cannabis has been the focus of Aleafia Health with more than 10 million data points to inform proprietary illness-specific products. Its end goal is to make medical cannabis easier to use and easier to get.

~Source: Aleafia Health Launches International Medical Cannabis White Label Services

  Posted: Thursday, January 16th, 1:00pm a month ago


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