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In November 2019, the Canopy Growth Corporation announced that Health Canada had granted its 150,000-square-foot facility an operating and secure storage licence. The location of the facility is at the company’s headquarters in Smith Falls, Ontario.

The facility is a beverage facility that concentrates on making cannabis-infused beverages. Production began at the end of November, but Smith Falls was already full of cannabis facilities, including a chocolate factory, an automated manufacturing facility, and a visitor’s centre. The company will produce eleven beverages, with the intention of adding more options as time goes on. The types of beverages and when they will be available depend greatly on the product availability. Some beverages will be ready for market in a matter of weeks while others will need to wait a few seasons to get the right product.

As of now, Canopy Growth has 10.5 million square feet of licensed production capacity, as well as retail stores, and a reputation for good business practices. This new licence is the final licence that the company needed for its cannabis 2.0 products since it was already licensed for vapes and chocolates, making Canopy Growth ready to present a full line of cannabis 2.0 products.

~Source: Canopy Growth Receives Health Canada License for State-Of-The-Art Beverage Facility

  Posted: Tuesday, January 21st, 1:00pm a month ago


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