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While cannabis was legalized in Canada back in 2018, consumers have been waiting patiently for Cannabis 2.0 products to hit the shelves and it shows. After Cannabis 2.0 products were released on the Ontario Cannabis Store’s website, more than 2,000 consumers placed an order in the first hour of its release.

Cannabis 2.0 products include cannabis-infused beverages, soft chews, other edibles, and vape products. The store website sold out of cannabis soft chews within 30 minutes, proving how much consumers have been anticipating their release. Since the OCS was really the first website to release its Cannabis 2.0, they are waiting on other retailers to get their own allotted amount of new products before their website’s supply will be replenished, forcing any latecomers to the site to wait even longer to get the much-anticipated products.

The mainstream cannabis products that have already been available have not brought in the level of profit that investors had hoped for, leaving most upstart companies in a deficit rather than in the black. The hope is that with the introduction of these new products and the clearly high demand for them, there will be a windfall for the country’s pot producers, helping to keep their businesses going.

~Source: Cannabis Canada: Launch of Cannabis 2.0 products on OCS website met by high demand

  Posted: Wednesday, February 5th, 1:00pm 21 days ago


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