An area of tourism that was previously untapped is that of Cannabis tourism. Cannabis tourism is where tourism companies take international visitors to various cannabis storefronts and other cannabis-related activities. Unfortunately, this innovative tourist model has not been able to take flight just yet. This is due to the uncharted territory; the future of cannabis tourism is unknown.

The business plan of Toronto Toke Tours was to bring tourists to various storefronts to purchase cannabis before moving onto other activities. Instead, because of the difficulty that businesses have had in becoming cannabis retailers, there are not yet many storefronts to use in the tourist circuit.

Outside of buying cannabis, other events on the Toke Tours can include limo rides, joint-rolling classes, and even yoga. The company is prepared to personalize the stops to accommodate each guest, but the cannabis has to be bought first and then brought along by the customers.

Because of the hiccups that the company has had in its attempt to get going, they have only had a handful of tours signed up so far.

In addition to the storefront concerns, there is a real legal liability issue with cannabis tourism. There are still a lot of restrictions that can affect what companies can and cannot do when it comes to cannabis. Much like liquor laws, there are liabilities with underage usage, behaviour while under the influence, and the risks of bodily injury, depending on the individual.

Beyond liability concerns, there are other prohibitions placed on the marketing of cannabis products. While marketing cannabis products is generally prohibited, there are a couple of exceptions, like having a brand name or company in a location where minors will not see it, such as in an email or at a bar. Likewise, promotions on social media are also prohibited as they could be seen by anyone.

Whether there is a future for cannabis tourism remains to be seen as of yet. As the Cannabis Act and companies begin to explore the rights and regulations, companies like Toronto Toke Tours might still have a chance.

~ Source: Canada a global destination for weed tourism? Not anytime soon

  Posted: Thursday, October 10th, 12:00pm 2 months ago


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