Most people have at some point smelled the distinctive scent that is associated with marijuana. An unpleasant skunk smell, it is always present when it has been smoked in the vicinity. Luckily, that might not be the case in the future.


A company called Cannab Co from Brampton, Ontario, has been working to come up with ideas to prevent the smell that we all know. The new type of pot is called PURECANN and was intended to be used for medical marijuana. The company has stated that there is no device needed to make the cannabis smell better; it is made to smell better on its own.

The Effects

The marijuana known as PURECANN will be completely odourless, so while it might produce smoke, the smoke will not carry the smell. The same process that is used to produce odour-free marijuana will also prevent a next-day hangover, and the product is generally much less harsh than typical marijuana.

The Future

When the product is finally released, it will meet the needs of several markets. It will allow people to have a gentler version of marijuana that does not linger in the room. It is also going to be made with a system known as PHOENIX that should keep the cost of the product down to only 50 cents a gram.

While PURECANN is not yet available, the company is currently constructing its pilot facility in Brampton, Ontario. Once they are up and running with enough capital, hopefully, it will hit the market.

~Source: A Canadian Company Is Designing Stinkless Weed

  Posted: Friday, November 15th, 1:00pm 2 months ago


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