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Most of us know that our social security numbers are valuable and should always be protected. But, what do you do when you're pursuing a personal injury case and an insurance adjuster asks you for your social security number? What if they say that it's their protocol to ask for it?

The Truth

No matter what an insurance adjuster says, it's crucial that you NEVER give out your social security number. You do not have to and it could cause harm to your case. No matter what an insurance adjuster claims, it is simply untrue that you have to supply your social security number.

When you tell the insurance adjuster that you are not going to give them your social security number, they most likely will tell you that you have to. They might even continue to give you a hard time about it, pressuring you, hoping that you will give in. No matter how much they try to bully you, they are in the wrong. They have no reason to take your social security number and do not have good intentions.

Why Do They Ask?

If they don’t need it, why does it feel like they're bullying you about it? Insurance adjusters will ask for your social security number for a few different reasons. It happens more often if your personal injury claim is about bodily harm and related to an accident of some kind. They do not care whether your claim was the result of a car accident, motorcycle accident, or even a pedestrian accident.

Insurance adjusters want your social security number so that they can enter it into their database to keep on file for any future claims.


The insurance adjuster can use your social security number to learn all about your life and anything that might have happened to you in the past. And once you give them your number, they can see all this without your authorization or consent.

What Information They Can Get

The type of information that they can get on you with your social security number can be anything from your medical history to your criminal history.

When they have this type of information, even if it doesn't apply to your current case, the insurance company can use it against you in another personal injury case, even if it's in the future. They can access this information before a lawyer has even filed a claim, building a case about why you do not deserve a payout before you have even asked about one.

Insurance companies are not non-profits. They are not there to help you. Their goal with any claim is to see how little they can pay out, giving you as little money as possible and minimizing the value of your claim. They will use anything about you that they can get, using any information they may have to show why they do not need to pay a settlement.

They have no right to information about you that does not pertain to the claim, which is why it is so important that you do not give them your social security number.

What Will They Do With It?

If the insurance adjuster gets a hold of your social security number, they will use it to

  • grab all of the information about you as they can.
  • look for any information that will lessen the value of your claim.
  • pull your information from the Bodily Injury Index

The Bodily Injury Index is a database that keeps a list of all bodily injury claims with all insurance companies in the United States. Most insurance companies have access to it and use it.

The Bodily Injury Index has information and details about

  • car accidents
  • settlement amounts,
  • * and any previous claims that you might have filed.

They can then take this information and factor it into your settlement. They can use it against you, deciding what limit they want to put on your current case. Your social security number is an easy way to identify you and is entered into the Bodily Injury Index when it has been supplied in a case.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer Is Experienced

Instead, your personal injury lawyer should be the one who can decide what information the insurance companies have access to. Your lawyer is there to protect you and to help you get the settlement that you deserve for your case. The insurance company does not have your best interest in mind. Even if you have never had a claim that would have been entered into the Bodily Injury Index, once an insurance company enters you in there with your social security number, any future accident or claim you might have will be recorded forever.

What To Say When They Ask

If you are really getting bullied by an insurance adjuster about your social security number, you might be wondering what to say about it.Instead, you can have your personal injury lawyer handle it.Your lawyer can give them your birth date and any other information that is applicable to process your claim.

Your lawyer will only give the them enough information to process your claim, but not so much information that your privacy and security is threatened.

Remember that insurance companies are in the business of making money. Insurance adjusters might tell you that your social security number is required to resolve your claim, but they are only using tactics to get it from you to keep track of you. No matter what they say, do not give it to them. Your personal injury lawyer will know the law regarding this and it is up to them to protect your privacy and your information from being given out unnecessarily.

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  Posted: Tue Jun 23rd 2020 12:00pm  a year ago