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First of all, if you’re here because you (or someone close to you) needs help with a personal injury case…

I want to say how sorry I am that you’re going through all that. It’s not something that anyone wants to go through. Any kind of incident where someone else has caused you or yours harm (a slip and fall, a car accident, etc.) is super frustrating for so many reasons. I hope you (or your loved one) are feeling better and are on the mend.

One of the frustrations I hear a lot is the thought of an involved legal procedure to get the compensation you deserve.

The good news is that statistics show that hiring a Trustini Vetted Local Personal Injury Attorney can make this process a lot easier…and help to create a fairer outcome.

Statistic #1: Payout or not?

It appears that 91 percent of those with a personal injury attorney received a payout. Only 51 percent of those who went it alone received monetary compensation.

Statistic #2: Amount of compensation

Data shows that those who were represented by a personal injury attorney received an average settlement of $77,600. Compare that with an average of $17,600 for people who D-I-Y'd.

Even though there is an average 32% deduction due to the fees charged by personal injury attorneys, this still leaves the client who used legal advice with over three times more than the client who chose to go it alone.

Statistic #3: Satisfaction with outcome

The numbers show that only 17 percent of people who did it themselves were satisfied with the outcome of their personal injury case compared to 37 percent of those who used legal representation.

In fairness, we should look at dissatisfaction also. While 55 percent of D-I-Y'ers were dissatisfied, only 36 percent of those who used an attorney felt that way. (Neutral feelings were the same at 28 and 27 percent respectively.)

Why does having a personal injury attorney make such a difference?

Personal injury cases are usually complex. Since they involve potentially large payouts, those at fault often do their best to either show they are not at fault or at least reduce the amount of compensation.

Personal injury attorneys can build strong cases that leave no doubt as to who is liable and who needs to get compensated. This includes compiling all needed evidence and expert witnesses, negotiating compensation deals with insurance companies, and talking to personal injury attorneys from the other side.

OK, so my personal injury attorney is going to get me my money more quickly, right?

Uh, no, sorry. Actually, it takes almost twice as long with representation – an average of 15.7 months with a personal injury attorney as opposed to 7 months on your own.

There are several reasons for this difference. First, the process could be longer. Your personal injury attorney will probably begin with a claim against the insurance company. If this does not prove satisfactory, your personal injury attorney will go to trial during which they will be presenting a lot of evidence and witnesses on your behalf. Second, people handling things on their own often grab the first compensation offer. An experienced personal injury attorney will know whether the offer is fair. If it is not, they will reject the initial offer and ask for fair compensation.

Taking the Next Step

Reputable law firms will offer some type of free case review. During this consultation, an advisor will review your situation and give you their best advice on how to proceed.

For example, should you start with a personal injury claim or go directly to a personal injury lawsuit? Usually, you begin with a claim via the insurance company. If this is not satisfactory, you proceed to a lawsuit. Your consultation can advise where to begin and how to go about getting started.

Free Case Review

  Posted: Mon Aug 24th 2020 12:00pm  a year ago