The legalization of cannabis has created opportunities and issues alike for the established entrepreneurs involved in its acquisition and distribution. This “budding” industry is clearly in need of ongoing, innovative, and effective legal support as well as interested, informed investors.

Cannabusiness pioneers need to know where they can turn for constructive financial support as well as trustworthy legal guidance and protection.



a comprehensive “cocktail” of proven industry professionals specializing in the complexities of the cannabis industry, innovative cannabis companies, legal professionals and potential investors alike, all compiled into one convenient and informative, online location.

This inventive site provides:

  • reliable information on relevant cannabusiness questions, issues, and concerns
  • opportunities for established companies and lawyers specializing in the nuances of the cannabis industry to share updates, insights, and information while connecting with potential clients
  • a directory of financially viable cannabis companies along with the latest information for investors on intriguing newcomers to the industry and upcoming cannabusiness trends

TRUSTINI LAW ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization that provides the top, go-to resources for every cannabis industry professional looking for answers among all the ever-changing legalities, seeking a one-stop selection of preferred legal representation and investment opportunities.

Providing real-time solutions to the ever-changing business questions is Trustini’s core purpose.

Why this inventive blend of cannabusiness professionals all on one site?

The cannabis companies we feature are on the leading edge of this dynamic industry. By documenting their challenges and solutions, by telling their stories, Trustini consistently offers you the most current and innovative cannabusiness information anywhere. Consequently, Trustini provides the perfect resource for potential investors seeking optimal opportunities.

This groundbreaking industry cannot function without cutting-edge legal expertise. Lawyers specializing in cannabis remain among the most modern and inventive in their field as they continue to grow their knowledge base in this emerging business arena. The legalization of cannabis has created unique issues for entrepreneurs across Canada. Trustini is focused on supplying you with all the answers from all the experts.

Trustini speaks directly to the challenges faced by cannabusiness entrepreneurs from day-to-day operational issues right on through to unique, unforeseen situations.

Why Trustini Was Created?

When Trustini's founder, Dafne Canales Lees , owner of the ingenious marketing software company, Spartan Spark , became involved in the cannabis business world in 2018, she immediately noticed its similarities to the technological industry. Bringing together the right team and effectively raising money was clearly the key to success for both, but just as conducive to this was finding the right legal advisors.

As a top-tier entrepreneur herself with a thriving business, Dafne's previous interactions with lawyers involved everything from simple incorporation and fundraising to employment contracts and lawsuits. Unfortunately, these experiences weren’t always positive, so she understood only too well the problems of stolen intellectual property, deals falling through before protective contracts were in place, even the pressure of her lawyer being suspended in the middle of court proceedings!

She decided to use her signature technology, the very platform that’s home to, to educate and support cannabis industry entrepreneurs. Thus Trustini Law Association was born, a valuable forum for relevant education and legal expertise that also highlights the efforts of financially viable cannabusiness owners. The promotion of trusted businesses within the cannabis industry is not only important for individual communities, consumers, and stakeholders but also imperative for its overall success.

What are the benefits of Trustini?

Trustini speaks directly to the challenges faced by cannabusiness entrepreneurs from their day-to-day operational issues right on through to unique, unforeseen situations.

  • It is the top, go-to resource for every cannabis industry professional looking for answers among all the ever-changing legalities
  • Providing the contacts for Canadian lawyers specializing in this exciting, modern industry, it offers cannabusiness entrepreneurs a one-stop selection of preferred legal representation.
  • It is a trusted source for information on the latest innovative cannabis companies who are up-and-coming as well as those who have successfully raised funds for their projects.
  • Trustini is an intriguing and enjoyable showcase of cannabis-related articles, interviews with lawyers, industry experts, and innovative companies all assembled together in one essential site, making it easy to evaluate advice and stay knowledgeable on current trends.


where cannabis industry professionals all come together with commitment, convenience and confidence because….

Trust is a cocktail best blended, not shaken.


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