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Thinking about hiring a personal injury attorney?

This free Personal Injury Guidebook can help you make the right choice.

I listen. And I know that selecting the right personal injury attorney can be a complicated business. And if you don’t select the right expertise, you could become unhappy with your case.

Before you ever choose a personal injury attorney, you need an advocate or a champion to help you make the right decision.

All personal injury attorneys aren't the same. One size DOESN’T fit all.

- Dafne Canales, Founder, Trustini

I learned this the hard way and I don't want you to. I had a traumatic brain injury, and my attorney got suspended just 3 days before my case went in front of the judge.

Why is this important or relevant to you?

Because I realized that in the state of California, there are 10,100 personal injury attorneys.

I'm assuming that the majority are competent.

And I'm assuming that they all have some number of victories and awards they've gotten for their clients or they wouldn't stay in business.

But I will tell you something.

You shouldn't assume that they all have the same skillset and that they're all appropriate for anyone.

They are not.

Some are really masterful with smaller, more rapidly settleable cases.

Some are capable of getting three or four or five times the award for more serious ones.

Some are great at cases involving employer injuries.

Some are better at cases involving public arenas or institutions.

Some are better at animal bites.

The point is, you shouldn't just choose a personal injury attorney because of their general advertising or position.

You should choose a personal injury attorney that best qualifies on

1. A matrix of criteria

2. You

3. Your specific case.

Do not choose an attorney that is not masterful at their kind of personal injury case.

I have criteria that I developed out of my own disappointment of having my attorney get suspended, and I now have made it my life's mission, and my business, my full-time profession, to help injured people Not make the wrong decision.

For any injured person that I ever help

I do it without charge to you.

I do it with objectivity.

I’ve established criteria of appropriateness.

When we get together, over a phone call or Zoom, you and I can discuss what you should ask as questions when you meet with a personal injury attorney.

And what factors you should be judging on.

We can discuss after the fact your experience and insights, too.

As an example, there are a lot of cosmetic surgeons out there.

But there are a few that specialize just on issues above the neck.

If you're going to have your face worked on, would you rather have somebody who 80% of the time does liposuction breasts and buttocks? Or would you want somebody who every month does a thousand nose jobs and faces?

The same is true for a personal injury attorney, and any specialized professional, really.

By the way, you know, whether I help you or not…

From my heart, I strongly encourage you to at least have a well-reasoned, totally objective discussion with me by phone or by Zoom, where we get to know each other.

You'll be very impressed, I think, with the vision and the crusade I'm on, on behalf of people like yourself. I'm sure you will find me to be authentically empathic to your situation.

And even if you decide NOT to use me to help you make the best decision, not just A decision…

You will use what comes out of that conversation to make a better choice and get a better result. And better representation.

I can promise you that.

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It's completely free — for your education. Because I believe that no one should go through what I did.

- Dafne Canales, Founder, Trustini

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Trustini Legal was created to bridge the gap between injured people and the personal injury attorneys who serve them.

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