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Trustini curates relevant cannabis-related business updates, along with the inspired insights of experts across Canada. We also interview legal professionals and key stakeholders at financially established cannabis companies to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge information for investors and other interested organizations.

The legalization of cannabis has created unique issues for us all. Investors, board members, and entrepreneurs can count on TRUSTINI for current, constructive guidance and trustworthy advice.

Trusted Legal Expertise

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A comprehensive “blend” of proven, legal professionals in good standing specializing in the complexities of the cannabis industry.

Experienced Industry Entrepreneurs

Cannabis Industry Investments

Entrepreneurs who have successfully raised funds in the cannabis industry are sought out and interviewed so they can share their insights and expertise. Key industry teachings and trends, successes, and failures are highlighted.

Industry Insights

Cannabis Industry Knowledge

In addition to legal professionals and experienced entrepreneurs, Trustini interviews cannabis industry support professionals as well, experts in marketing, human resources, taxation, insurance, and more to find out the latest information and compile it all for you to enjoy in one convenient, educational online location.

What are the benefits of Trustini?

Trustini speaks directly to the challenges faced by cannabusiness entrepreneurs from their day-to-day operational issues right on through to unique, unforeseen situations.

  • It is the top, go-to resource for every cannabis industry professional looking for answers among all the ever-changing legalities
  • Providing the contacts for Canadian lawyers specializing in this exciting, modern industry, it offers cannabusiness entrepreneurs a one-stop selection of preferred legal representation.
  • It is a trusted source for information on the latest innovative cannabis companies who are who are up-and-coming as well as those who have successfully raised funds for their projects.
  • Trustini is an intriguing and enjoyable showcase of cannabis-related articles, interviews with lawyers, industry experts, and innovative industry companies all assembled together in one essential site, making it easy to evaluate advice and stay knowledgeable on current trends.
  • Enjoy articles and interviews with lawyers, industry experts, and innovative cannabis companies — evaluate their advice and learn about the latest information in the industry.


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